Godfather Fund was registered in 1875 in Washington DC. This Fund is totally a private enterprise and not even a small share of it belongs to public sector. No real person or legal entity has ever invested in this fund and the main capital source of the fund is the result of 8 trade transactions. Godfather Fund belongs to Shakerdoust family with Mexico-Russian nationality.
The financial infrastructure of the Godfather Fund is very powerful which is directed by Fund’s Foundation.
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Godfather Fund, though totally independent, is under supervision and control of a Consortium of few countries of world’s strongest economies. The fund executes it’s operations through five subdivisions and the biggest among the five is Solar System Fund.
The main index of of Godfather fund is gold and it’s main financial activities are in domains like gold, black diamond, silver and precious stones.
Godfather Fund has 1837 holding companies. From 1875, the main shares of these companies have been purchased by godfather fund and today Godfather Fundisthe main or the sole shareholder of these companies. All these companies are functioning independently and godfather fund just supervises them. 3 quarters of the profit of the said companies are returned back to them to help them to improve their business and the remaining 1 quarter goes to Godfather Fund’s financial circulation for gold trade.
In addition to investment in humanitarian projects, Godfather fund is ready to invest in developing countries.
Due to the immensity of Fund’s financial resources, it is not possible to keep them in normal bank accounts, so the bigger part of those resources is kept in server.
Godfather Fund is able to do any kind of server and swift transfers.
All the Fund’s banking activities are within the framework of rules and regulations of World Bank and in accordance with new banking order.
All the financial resources of the Fund have EuroClear, MoneyExpert and Federal reserves codes and all the contracts with the Fund have good performance guarantee.
Fund’s banking operations are totally directed and executed by robotic banking and physical officers. It is not authorized mandate to any other legal or real entity. The Fund is not a company and it doesn’t have managing director or chief executive.
Godfather Fund has the biggest bandwidth in Liechtenstein.
The Fund’s server resources can be released by swift code 103 and then can be usable.
Due to the immensity of Fund’s financial resources and difficulties of handling it, most of the banks are not interested in signing up a contract with Godfather Fund, so The Fund uses some affiliated sister companies for it’s different banking operations. These companies have nothing to do with 1836 subdivision companies owned by the Fund, and they do not have any capital source. The Fund does it’s transactions through these affiliated sister companies within a definite period of time and when the transaction completes the Fund may discontinue it’s cooperation with the company. The Fund’s cooperation with these companies are within the rules and regulations of Godfather fund, so they do not have the least of role in The Fund’s decision making.
Godfather Fund has been being run by following teams:
1- Language experts in many live languages of the world
2- An expert team of IT men.
3- A team of advocates and lawyers
4- A team of experts in contracts and agreements
All the communications of the Fund is being done by The Fund’s official email address: info@godfatherfund.us. no communication is ever done through WhatsApp, Line, Skype etc.
Solar System Fund is the biggest subdivision Fund of Godfather Fund. It is known as Solar System to all the prime banks of the world. All the financial resources of Solar System Fund …